I have been studying with Sarah at The Artful Heart for over a year.  She is a wonderful teacher and has helped my singing enormously.  She is very knowledgeable about the science of singing; she understands a wide variety of styles of music; and she is fun to work with.  I would highly recommend her.


5.0 star rating




I studied with Sarah for years and cannot say enough about what an incredible experience it was for me as an adolescent looking for a role model. Sarah was a wonderful vocal coach but was so much more to me. She is a genuine and caring person who influenced me throughout my life.


Denise K.

5.0 star rating

Unlike the other reviewers, my son has only studied with Sarah for two months. He was cast as the lead in the Middle School musical, The Seussical. While he has a passable voice, had never had voice lessons. Sarah was able to take him from raw talent to performance in less than two months. Not only did she impart skills for him to use onstage, she also instilled in him the confidence that he COULD carry the part. In my son's words, "She gave easy to understand instructions for someone who had never had lessons before." 

His performance brought glowing reviews from classmates and parents alike. One community theater director even invited him to audition with them.

What's more, while my son is the typical fourteen-year old, interested in playing computer games with his friends, he wants to continue his voice lessons with Sarah even though the musical is over.


KarenG P.
5.0 star rating

Sarah is an amazing teacher, with wisdom that goes well beyond singing instruction.  Sarah taught me from my time in middle school through high school.  With Sarah, I have learned about voice and life.  She helped me during my most formative years and stands out as a teacher, mentor, and friend who truly made a difference in my life.   I plan to have my son study voice with Sarah when he is a bit older, just as I, my brother, and my sister studied with her.  So I guess you can say she is a family tradition.  The type of family tradition that leads you to carry a tune and love opera (me), study at Berkelee College of Music and have recording deals (my brother), and have that kind of singing voice that stops crowds (my sister).  I cannot wait for the next chapter!


Alexandra M.
5.0 star rating
First to Review

I was a voice student of Sarah's for many years. She was a wonderfully skillful and deeply heartful teacher. If I lived nearby I wouldn't hesitate to take lessons from her again. If you live close enough to take lessons from this lovely woman-- you are in luck!;)


Sarah H.
5.0 star rating

I studied with Sarah through middle school and throughout high school.  Sarah always emphasized the importance of vocal health, breathing, and ingrained in me from an early age the importance of protecting my instrument.  

I make my living as a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles.  I write mainly for TV and Film. However, I spent many years prior playing multiple leading roles in musicals.  The fact that I knew how to protect my instrument is the reason I work. These days I'm singing everything from intense full voice rock songs to simple breathy ballads; knowing how to protect my instrument in all situations is vital.  And Sarah planted the seeds for me to maintain this journey I am on.

Sarah offered a loving, nurturing safe place to study, during a time in my life where that support made a huge difference. It's not easy being 14.  At least it wasn't for me.  But  I will always hold dear the time I spent in Sarah's studio.  I'm so grateful for what she gave me.

I can't recommend studying with her enough.  There is a lot more that goes into being a great singer, then just being born with a gift.  Knowing how to protect your instrument, having a safe place to work your instrument, The importance of singing an Italian aria, even when maybe you'd rather sing a rock song :).  These are things that Sarah gave me, that perhaps even at the time I didn't understand, but at this point in my life I am so truly grateful for!


Natalie S.
5.0 star rating

Sarah Oppenheim-Beggs is one of the rare gems you encounter in this world who eats, breathes and sleeps music- specifically voice. I studied voice with her in Maui and found great joy in experiencing a rapid and continual development of my singing ability. It's hard for me to think of anything I lacked in her. Sarah approached teaching in a unique and very effective manner. She knows voice inside and out, and her passion about teaching, voice, and performance shone brightly through, stirring up enthusiasm in me to learn and fall more in love with singing. She has a million tricks up her sleeve to correct problem behaviors in singing and introduce new skills. She would do so in such gifted ways that even after moving away and many distractions, I still remember and execute these skills properly and avoid many common difficulties of singers. I can finally through her instruction hit high notes every time, and this skill which I had worked on for years came quickly with her. I know also how to support my sound by positioning my body properly and using sustaining breath. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my voice is much more beautiful and strong than I had ever imagined. I doubt I would have experienced such growth with someone who lacked the experience (her resume is ridiculously packed with comprehensive work and performance experiences as well as skills and training she's gained to help students with performance anxiety), passion, ongoing professional development, and in depth understanding of a singer's development and how to best instruct them. She can speak the language of any type of learner, and as she worked with my learning style and basically spoke in pictures using visual imagery, the instruction really clicked for me. She truly is the best across the board so whether you want to experience the joys of singing for personal reasons or are interested in performing, your time with Sarah is well spent and sure to bring great results and great experiences. Working with Sarah helped me find my voice and refine my voice in a number of ways. I obviously and very sincerely and strongly recommend Sarah as a voice teacher.


Morgan C.
5.0 star rating

How can I even begin to express my love, admiration and appreciation for Sarah? I have known Sarah for 15 years. My older sister started taking voice lessons with her when she was in middle school & I when I was old enough I began vocal training with her as well. Our youngest sister was only able to enjoy Sarah's teachings for a short time before Sarah and her husband moved their lives to Maui. I am so glad that they are back and that Sarah is teaching in California again. Not only is Sarah an extremely talented singer herself, but she has the unique ability to pass her wisdom of singing on to individuals with delicate understanding & graceful professionalism. She is extremely nurturing and kind, smart and witty, & takes special care with each student to help hone their gift as an individual. Even though my sisters and I all took lessons with Sarah, she treated us and our voices with individual perspective and never once compared us to one another. I have always been lucky to call her a dear friend as well as my vocal couch. I highly recommend seeking her skills. She is wonderful!


Lauren A.


5.0 star rating

With a background in dance, I wanted to study singing to pursue theater.  I began studying with Sarah, and she helped me to develop as not only a singer but a performer as well.  I was able to carry on with my singing, extending into opera during college and continuing as a vocalist into my late 20's.  I owe my entire career as a vocalist to Sarah.  Her knowledge in music is amazing, and I am so blessed to have had her as a vocal coach!  Anyone should jump at the chance to work with her.